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Survival vs. Growth Mindset (3 Signs You are Growing!)

What is a Survival Mindset?

Survival Mindset is when you are either chasing that dollar, or chasing that minute that you can't seem to catch. You are only able to focus on what is in front of you because that is all you are able to control. Planning for rest of your year or thinking about the future of your loved ones isn't really making the top five list; the top five or even top ten items on your list are looking something like this - rent, groceries, utility bills, credit card debt, medical bills, gas money, going out Friday night with friends, worrying about your bank balance on Monday, not able to get any fitness activities in, no time for meditation or reflecting on your life and so on... You don't know what you don't know and not knowing will cost you better physical health, financial health and spiritual health. I deeply believe that

Survival mindset also means you have all of the amenities to survive physically but your Mindset is lacking that desire to grow, desire to step out of your comfort zone and you can't seem to make that shift to jump start on your growth habits.

What is a Growth Mindset?

Growth Mindset kicks in when Survival Mindset stops consuming you. Growth Mindset is when you are relentlessly working 8 -10 hours on your career job, taking care of your responsibilities, your children and their growth and late into your nights you are investing in growing yourself.

Being able to tap into 100% full potential of yourself is a very powerful state of mind to achieve!

Being in Growth Mindset defaults your thinking to focusing on your personal growth and also growth of those around you. It promotes investing in yourself. People with Growth Mindset deeply believe that by investing in themselves, turning their thoughts into action, and working harder than the average working humans - will promote growth in overall quality of life.

Here is how you know you are in a Growth Mindset and have already started on your Growth journey.

1.) Abundance of Energy: You will feel a jolt of energy than you ever did before. Energy that you can sustain not for hours, days, weeks or months, but for years to come. Focusing on yourself, investing time in doing things that matter to you the most whether it be your career job or that entrepreneurial dream that never left your personal journaling pages that now by breathing life into it will show you tangible results. Growing is addictive, success is addictive. Once you have gone through the cycle of progress, you will want to continue to do so and you will find an unlimited amount of energy to do that, and what time of the day it is, simply will not matter.

"Work like hell. Put in 100 hour weeks every week. If others are putting in 40 hours and you're putting in 100, even if you're doing the same thing, you will achieve in 4 months what it takes them a year." - Elon Musk, Tesla Inc., SpaceX

2.) Deep Desire to Learn: If you are feeling that you have entered Growth Mindset, the desire to learn, develop yourself and investing in yourself will be very prominent in your day-to-day life. For example, listening to audio books if you have lack of time, dedicating time for your personal physical health, dedicating time for learning new skills and more, will be persistent and daily. More importantly your desire to Apply that newly learned knowledge will set you apart from your comfort zone and comfort-loving-mindset from the past version of yourself. Your desire to learn will be deeper than ever before, and your results achieved will be higher than ever before. You will become a life long learner.

Remember, knowledge alone isn't power anymore, Applied Knowledge is!

3.) Calm and Collected: This is where it all comes together. You know you have entered your Growth Mode when you have a complete and utter clarity on what are your goals and why you are going after them? Your self-awareness of your strengths, investing in yourself, your deep desire to learn and apply that learned knowledge towards your goals and your 100 hour weeks will become your lifestyle. You will not feel overwhelmed no matter how much is in your plate, due to the new found clarity.

This thinking promotes an intentional lifestyle. Everything in your schedule and in your life has a meaning and a purpose. Everything you focus on has its own place, time, matter and space, it all makes sense as it ties down directly with your goals. You bank on your strengths and you know you can achieve anything that you set your mind to, by fertilizing it with your 100% commitment and watering it with your relentless hard work!

If you were to take away one thing from this article, do yourself a favor and acknowledge! Acknowledge what mindset you are in? Then only you can focus on your Growth!

Do you invest in yourself? Do you believe that Applied Knowledge is power in today's day and age? Are you a Survivor or a Warrior?

The biggest question you want to ask yourself - but don't have to comment here (however, I'd love to hear your thoughts) ...

Are you promoting Growth in your life and lives of those around you?

- Tejas Jani

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